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If want to rank your local business in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Apple maps? You are at the right place.

Your clients are looking for your product and your services near them – and they want quick answers. Will your business show up at the exact time it should be? Will a client pick you out of the entire local businesses directory which offers the same product and services as you?

Let’s do something to make it Happen!

Any small to multinational company, their growth can measure only if they are attracting new customers and keeping good relationship with old clients. Local SEO is a strategy to keep clients engaged with you, and in this local SEO guide I will explain you what Local Search Engine Optimization is all about, and why it is needed for any organization to improve their online visibility.

Local SEO refers to the process of optimization of your online presence to your targeted audience from relevant local searches. These searches takes place on Google and other search engines as well. For an example- if you will type in Google search box ‘SEO Company’ then the results of your local area SEO expert’s contacts and website address will appear within seconds. This is how it works as simple as that; it’s not “Rocket Science” to understand.

Note that there are two different sets of search results that includes

  • The regular ‘organic results’
  • The ‘snack pack’ results

Most of you must be familiar with regular Google search engine results, but here snack pack result is a Limelight of the new online market. Let’s discover some facts about it!

Google ‘snack pack’ results are boxed area which appears on the first result page when any online search occurs through Google search box. The snack box displays the total three local businesses listing which are most relevant to the related keyword or search enquiry. As per the research, 33% of the searches visit local snack pack results, and rest 40% going to the regular organic results.

Local Search Engine Optimization needs targeted and strategic approach that is distinct from general Search Engine Optimization. To win against your competitors you should be sure, that all the local signals across Google local search landscapes provided by you are correct and consistent. Your local SEO should have better understanding of today’s local search landscape, if you are outsourcing the same.

Read this guide if you do not want to outsource your organization’s local SEO!

There is a Google local pack, which pushes down the first website result below the fold that may also contain ads, to get found you need more than a good content on your website

Make different business strategies to improve your business local SEO as a whole, that will increase your probability of being included in Google search pack.

Google’s My Business – If you still haven’t claimed yourself on Google my business page, do it right now. It only takes a few minutes and it’s completely free. It is most simple and effective way to start improving your local SEO.

Categories of Google my business

Inside your Google my business account, make sure you choose correct categories for best results; you should choose accurate and possible few categories only.

Pictures on Google my business page

Taking pictures of your location will become easy for local search engine and your products to get credit ability by client and to serve in local market too.

Online directories

Claim yourself on popular online directories like

  • Yellow pages
  • Apple maps
  • Foursquare
  • Yahoo local works

Online directories don’t have as great of an impact on ranking as they once did, but they are still important. You must have heard ‘old is gold’ phrase, hear it applies!

Listing your business on review sites

In addition to the online directories submission, you must submit your website with listing on review sites that include

  • Glass door
  • Yelp
  • Angel list
  • BBB

Reviews directly on Google, it carries the most weight,

Number of positive reviews

The cornerstone of effective local SEO is, to claim your listing on review sites. You should make sure the majority of your reviews must be positive to get highlighted by Google.

Don’t just take my word of, according to Google – High quality review to improve your business visibility and ranking on search engines.

Asking reviews in exchange is against Google policies, before proceeding further, you should check out the review policies of Google and on other review listing sites as well.

Keywords and location review listing

The language review hugely matters as per the local SEO guide study. When any reviewer uses the keyword or city, it sends signals to Google that you are a trusted local business man or not.

Percentage of negative reviews

You should have plan before placing or following up to all your online reviews, particularly for Google if the number of reviews with responses count it are negative especially without response.

Make sure creating at least updated business page content on your website. It impacts your clientele.

Monitor and grow your local business reputation by analyzing and tracking your online reviews. Google has great understanding of search intent, as per the keyword research. Looking at search keywords Google uncover your relevant clientele. To make this happen you should see what your competitors targeted keywords are, it will help you beating them in this competitive market where only a ‘Dog eat Dog’ strategy can be applied to win the match.

If you are too busy to manage your business local marketing tactics, unable to do it or do not have time to acquire marketing then why not leave it on professionals instead? For more information visit