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An Internet marketing agency helps you achieve more sales by using a series of strategies that serve to attract your ideal client and make him perform the best actions on your site. Such actions when properly planned lead to simultaneous satisfaction for you and the customer. The services that the marketing agencies offer can vary a lot but, in general, you can expect this type of services:

Google AdWords
Google AdWords is a great tool to capture the attention of potential customers just when they know they have a problem and are looking for a solution. Most people turn to Google to find solutions to their most pressing problems, so managing an AdWords campaign that targets these prospects (potential customers) can be very profitable.

Having your articles in the top positions of search results is not just about creating “brand awareness” (brand recognition) or having multiple page views. The SEO is more than that. If your content is in the top positions of the search results, you will be able to capture potential customers at the right stage of the “customer journey” (buyer’s journey), exactly when they are aware that they have a problem you will be present with the solution.

Advertising on Facebook
The tools to target the right audience, along with its mammoth user base, make Facebook the ideal platform for any business to get a good return on investment. When you advertise on Facebook, you can go to hit your audience, filtering by sex, level of education, annual earnings, geographical location, interests, status updates and also about important events in their lives.

Video advertising
YouTube reaches more users between the ages of 18 and 49 than the 10 most popular programs on television. This vast audience, combined with increased engagement makes advertising on YouTube another great tool for having a good return on investment. Videos can also be used to direct your ads based on demographics, habits, geographic location, interests, YouTube channel and even more.

Mobile marketing
More than 50% of searches performed on mobile devices lead to a purchase. When this research is about a business that operates on a local basis, this number is even larger: 78% of mobile searches result in an offline purchase, and also the search terms indicate a more obvious intention to purchase. There are many options available to a Internet marketing agency when it comes to investing in advertising for mobile devices, such as advertisements for mobile devices on YouTube, in-app advertisements (within apps) and campaigns focused on installing mobile applications.

Content marketing
Content Marketing is the fuel that powers many businesses billions of dollars. Most companies think that creating content consists of writing a few posts each week and putting it on a website. But those who care about sales and not “vanity metrics” (statistics that gratify vanity and not substance) know that it’s more complicated than that. The services that an agency can offer within content marketing include writing posts, creating infographics, writing for SEO, content analysis and promotion on social media or other channels.

Email marketing
Email is still the tool that generates the greatest return on investment if used correctly, despite the bombardment of emails and all the new social media. In fact, for every dollar spent, email marketing generates $ 38 in earnings. Internet marketing agencies can offer services such as list building (collection of newsletter sign-ups), generate interest on your list so that attention does not fade, segmentation of the list, or optimize automatic responders.

Ultimately, is there a single factor that determines whether your site is selling or not: do your visitors perform the actions you want them to take? This means having the right user experience on the site, the correct design of data collection forms and other graphics and design aspects that can increase lead generation and conversion (users who express their interest in your products explicitly) in customers. The services of an agency in this area can include conversion path analysis, conversion rate optimization, goal and KPI identification, conversion metrics identification and site visitor data collection. Some agencies are more specialized than others but, in general, we can say that they offer some variation of the services we have outlined here. But before you choose the right agency that offers the right services for your business, you should ask yourself and the agency some questions.

Ask the right questions

What are the real marketing needs of your company?
The first step is to understand what your real marketing needs are.
Do you need a new graphic design for your site? Do you need email marketing? of SEO? Do you need more powerful analytics to collect and analyze data on your performances?
If you already have a marketing manager or a marketing team, ask yourself what marketing techniques your team is most prepared for. What are the tactics and strategies that you know you should do but haven’t managed to implement yet?
These are the questions that help you understand what you should entrust to an agency to have excellent results.
How does the agency work for itself?
One of the best signs to understand how an agency can work for your business is to see what results the agency has generated for itself.
If you plan to entrust your blog to an agency, how do you think it is managing its blog?
Are you thinking of using the agency for promotion on social media? How do you feel about using your accounts?
In case the agency has to take care of your SEO strategy, how is it positioned for the relevant search terms in its market sector?
If the agency does not put into practice what it preaches for others, you can consider this as a red flag to take into account.
You can verify this data by yourself or you can ask the managers of the agency directly.

Time spent on the site

The number of minutes users spend on your site is a figure that shows how relevant your content is. If your content is very relevant to the specific situation of the readers, then visitors will spend a relatively long time on your site. If on the contrary, they are not, then it is necessary to intervene on the content or the quality of the traffic. Google attaches great importance to this metric when it has to determine the ranking of content for search results because it is a measure of how relevant the content is to the person who researched about those particular keywords.
Other factors can affect the time spent on your site, such as how fast a page is loaded. You can keep track of the average time spent on the site by measuring the “average duration of a visit” in Google Analytics.

Traffic sources

It is important to find out which channels users arrive on your site. For example, if you find out that most of your traffic is coming through a particular item that sits high in the search results, then we recommend producing more content similar to that. In addition to this, it is important to measure what type of traffic you are receiving. Do most of your visitors come through other websites? Are you getting most of your traffic from specific marketing campaigns? Are you getting organic traffic from the search?

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who leave your site immediately after arriving. A high bounce rate could indicate that the content of your site is not relevant or of value to that user and to that particular search.

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